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The Numbers:

A staggering ROI of 620% is being realised across the Grandstand brands.

The Challenge:

Grandstand is an exclusive online store featuring the top brands in motorsport. With exclusive rights to apparel and merchandise for brands such as Aston Martin Racing, Lamborghini and Gulf. The brand already has a strong presence in the B2B wholesale space, and a loyal customer base, however they were struggling to grow B2C e-commerce sales. With the busiest season fast approaching, and Social Media Marketing identified as a core pillar for them to explore, Grandstand came to Lets Run Social for help.

Our Solution:

After analysing the wider digital marketing strategy of Grandstand, LRS identified that a full funnel approach was required to find those potential customers making them aware of the brand and product range, engage and then convert them into a customer.

Using a test and learn approach, we now have:
Created multiple acquisition funnels using Top of Funnel awareness tactics
Engaged prospects throughout their consideration phase
A strong conversion focused retargeting strategy at the Bottom of Funnel

The real trick with Grandstand was that each and every brand that is sold behaves differently, and with that comes individual testing and refining of the tactics deployed. The strong test and learn methodology utilised by the team when it comes to Targeting new audiences, splitting interests, advertising copy and creative is what makes up the secret sauce for the huge success that is being achieved.

Being a motor sport specific site, Grandstand stocks different brands and individual niche audiences are interested in each brand. We launched new audiences, splitting interests and different copy and creative, while also using retargeting campaigns based on insights gleaned from analytics. Once our strategies took root, our social ads are currently earning 620% ROI