Olivers Baby Care

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The Numbers:

We achieved Social Media ROI of 1216%, incredible even by eCommerce standards!

The Challenge:

Oliver Baby Products is already playing in a very crowded competitive marketplace. Already showing success in Google ads, LRS were brought in to grow the Social Media Advertising. This was their first steps into Paid social media and though the client management team saw the potential, they were very apprehensive.

Our Solution:

The first step we had to take was to understand the product mix of Olivers, understanding top selling products across the site, allowed us to start rapid fire testing to find the audience groups that the products would be suitable for.

Once the prospective Audiences had been identified, we tested messaging, imagery and CTA’s to find a winning combination of adverts that flowed with a strong sales message to win a customer.

In a very competitive market place, we were able to develop a truly winning strategy to set Olivers apart from their competitors.