Property Investment Foundation

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The Numbers:

A healthy ROI of 340%, which is still improving as we continue to optimise.

The Challenge:

Bronwen, the founder and director of the Property Investment Foundation, has a passion for learning and applying Property Investment principles, having created a successful portfolio herself. Wanting to inspire others, she’s developed a training business to share the knowledge that has changed her life – to enable others to do the same.

The Property Investment Foundation traditionally gained traction via affiliate workshops and guest appearances at live and online events, Bronwen had started to establish a presence in the industry. However, in a quickly changing environment at the beginning of 2020 it was identified that Social Media was a prime opportunity to acquire new customers and to grow the brand in tough times. This is where Lets Run Social stepped in.

Bronwen came to LRS with the ambition to grow her personal brand and training program online using Facebook.

Our Solution:

The Property Investment Foundation presented a great challenge, as the investment space is fraught with challenges, whether it be bad PR from countless get rich quick schemes, high costs per click given the competition, or the sometimes trigger happy Ad approval process which see’s adverts being removed sometimes with no warning.

We developed a strategy to attract, engage and convince prospects about that the Property Investment Foundation was a great place for them to get the information they need and to sign up.

At the Top of Funnel we offered value, promoting free valuable content with an optional book purchase option
These content downloaders were then encouraged to become training members
Once they’d seen the value available further up the funnel the natural next step is to convert them to paying members.

After identifying high-performing audiences, we constantly tested new audiences to find new targeting opportunities.