On the millionaire-making TV show, one of the lifelines is ‘ask the audience’.

The amount of faith the contestant has in a room of strangers is scary. But actually, it’s more about numbers than blind hope. 

I know I harp on a lot about data, but that is all the TV contestant is relying on.They are looking at the data gained from the audience, analysing it and using it to make a decision. 

Why don’t we ask the audience more often in marketing?

Did you know that 91% of the time the audience is correct? Pretty good odds if you ask me. 

So, again, why don’t we do this more in marketing? Well, because we don’t want to damage our egos.We want to believe we already know what works. It’s like wearing rose-tinted glasses, especially when it comes our own business.

My advice? Take off the rose-tinted glasses, leave your ego at the door and let your audience tell you what they want to see, hear and BUY. How? By data-driven research and advertising that is implemented based on numbers.

When it comes to selling on Facebook, don’t be the company that defaults to ‘on brand’. Instead, use your assets/copy and let your audience tell you what they want. I’ll tell you something, when you see the results, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner. Get in touch with the team today so we can help you ask your audience.