All or Nothing: Which One Will It Be?

This is never so true in Paid Social Marketing – and we found that out this week! We are working on an account where we focus on organic, and another agency focuses on Paid.

This is usually fine and works well, but this week we found out why it’s all got to work if not, you’ll pay the price.

Part of our organic growth strategy was to grow the page following, so we agreed with the client to optimise a number of Ads for page likes. Small budgets, but will really help the reach and engagement for our organic posts moving forward.

When we started optimising for likes (Social Proofing) we were paying around 75p per like, but as we finished testing, we got this down to around 40p, which is where we wanted it to be. BUT, overnight it shot up to nearly £1 – ONE POUND – I was not happy with our team and really needed some answers.

They came back with no answers; they couldn’t understand why we were being charged such a huge amount, and why it had shot up by so much in just 24 hours.

It’s not often that my team doesn’t have the answers to a problem.

After looking into this a little further, I noticed the other agency had sent an Ad out asking for sales to a cold audience. I’ll say this diplomatically; it was not well received and had over 89 negative comments. Oh dear.


That was the answer! Facebook was charging us more because our account was not pushing GOOD content to its users. Facebook and all social media platforms have a number one priority: to keep its users happy, engaged and to stay on the platform for as long as possible. If we as advertisers are pushing out content that is not engaging and making them close their platforms, the businesses have no choice but to price you out of the market.

In essence:
Good, engaging content = Cheap Marketing
Poor, unengaging content = Very expensive Marketing

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