Behind every business is a human being

Here’s a story for you; a tale about how a frank email from a client reminded everyone here at Lets Run Social that people have different reasons for wanting to grow their business.

It happened at the weekend. I’m sat having a cup of tea on Saturday watching Hey Duggee with my 18-month-old daughter, Quinn and an email hits my inbox. It was gut-wrenching.

A new client of no more than five days sends the Lets Run Social client director and me this,
“Five years ago, I was diagnosed with stage four terminal lung cancer and given two months to live. The real reason I am doing this to leave my kids something.”

My first thought…honestly? Reply and make light of the situation. But then it hit me, he’s asking us to keep his legacy going for his kids. I rarely show emotion, but this chap got me.

We thought he was a legend when we met him, but now?! How he could entrust us without truly knowing us is amazing. How did he hear about us? His friend recommended us.

Immediately, I emailed the entire team, letting them know how important it is we get this working for him ASAP. Being the fast-paced, agile agency that we are, it’s easy to pass on a message to the whole team and for everyone to work together without layers of heavy red tape.

Our business isn’t just data sheets and ROI. Behind every company, you’ll find an owner/MD/CEO/Director. Sometimes we forget these titles belong to human beings with a story.

Our chap’s story isn’t over, and I can’t wait to take his business to the next level.