Paid Content: Expectations vs Reality

In the digital sphere, there are two types of content: paid and organic. Paid content is what it says on the tin; content that you pay for to broaden your reach, traffic, and engagement levels. However, often the expectation and reality of what those results look like can massively vary!

1. Expectation: More engagement
Reality: More reach

One of the main expectations people have when they put spend behind a piece of content is that the level of engagement will rocket. However, this is not entirely the case. Whilst the reach is further, which can allow more people to see your content, it does not automatically ensure they’ll engage with whatever you’re trying to say. It’s therefore crucial your content is absolutely on point before you put any spend behind it.

2. Expectations: Higher Conversion Rate
Reality: Some conversation rate increase

Whilst your conversation rate may increase due to more people being reached, they still need to part with their money and time in order to download/add to cart and then buy whatever it is you’re trying to market. If your user journey experience is not clear and concise, no amount of spend will necessary help your overall conversion rate.

3. Expectation: High Levels of Analytics
Select Analytics available

Analytics are an important part of any social media strategy, however, when it comes to certain Ads, this can actually lack. For instance, when setting up an Ad on Instagram, the level of analytics decreases vs that of your usual account analytics. Your Ad will not show up on your feed either, which means you’ll have to solely analyse your stats from your Ad. This is not a huge problem in itself, but can be extra, unexpected, work if you want to analyse for consistency etc.

4. Expectation: Boosting Posts is Paid Content
Facebook Ads Manager is the way to go

Have you ever had the notification come in from Facebook? You know the one; ‘you can boost your post with this free-but-not-really-free £5 credit we are giving you’. So, you likely think to yourself ‘oooh, free? Yeah, why not?’ and then off you go, to boost your post, and then nothing happens. So, you put a little more spend behind it – that’s the best thing to do, right? Haha no. Don’t boost.

Boosting posts just gives Facebook more money, and you more frustration. Facebook Ads Manager is the way to go. Setting out a clear budget and strategy for your Ads is really important to seeing the results you desire and need.

Using paid content within your marketing strategy is an excellent thing, and will help your business further grow. If you need advice or guidance in this area, the Lets Run Social team are here to help.