Fuck the Vanity Metrics Off!

I hate to use the word ‘disrupt’ but right now I feel this is precisely what we are doing at Lets Run Social.

Since our website went live on the 1st of June, over 30 agencies have contacted us, wanting to discuss what we do.


They are fed up of listening to sales bullshit and need a partner who knows how to market on social media. This took me by surprise, as I assumed everyone would explain the process as we do. 

It turns out they don’t. So let me do it now.

You only need to know two things when marketing on social media:

1) How much am I spending on it?
10*) How much am I making from it?

* this isn’t a typo, it’s to put into context the volume of work we do behind the scenes.

For our clients, it’s that simple; that’s why they use us.

I could use metrics terms like CPM, or CTA’s or CPC, but no one cares. You pay us to care about that stuff.

I was asked to write a blog about data this week, but I didn’t want to bore you all. That said, if you would like me to go into the data points, pop me a call, but make sure you’ve got a spare hour.