Social media pages vs a George Foreman Grill

Want to know the difference between your social media pages and a George Foreman Grill? Absolutely nothing!

Hear me out.

Does any of this ring true?

You create an ‘online’ presence by creating a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter page and even a Youtube channel.

It’s going to be a new way to create leads and talk to your customers. You will find the time, you will plan, you might even go viral. Seeing your first few likes gets you excited. This is happening!

And then…

You get bored, it’s too much hassle to do every week, and the posts dry up. It’s a hassle.

Now the links sit at the bottom of your website doing nothing, just like the George Foreman Grill at the back of your cupboard. Everyone bought a George Foreman; it’s a great product. But it soon got boring, and the bacon sandwich you tried to make healthier is now back to its usual fatty self.

Like a George Foreman Grill, your social accounts can be useful, you just need to use them correctly. Think of social media as an extra member of staff that talks directly to your customers and the hundreds, thousands, millions of people who COULD be your customers. Put in the time and you will bring in the money.

If you want to get talking to the right people, in the right way, contact the team at Lets Run Social. Social media advertising is what we do. We also love a bacon sandwich.