The Next Big Thing in Social Media

With small businesses having to adapt to the current climate, we have all seen many local companies begin their creation of an online presence to help them generate revenue and to stay afloat.

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Whether that’s your local butcher, a favourite restaurant, or even the pub round the corner. All of these have had to adapt and are using social media to sell a product to deliver while we are in lockdown.

The launch of Facebook Shops couldn’t have come at a better time for small businesses trying to evolve with the current client, especially as there are NO FEES!

You only have to adhere to 2 rules:
1. Sell physical items
2. Agree with Facebook Merchant terms

How will this change how companies sell on Facebook?

The obvious one is during Live stream!

The opportunity to get a consumer purchasing your product during a ‘Live’ is so exciting, for not only the BIG Boys but for small merchants with loyal followers.

The link between brands and their audiences using social media has never been so strong, and now with the ability to purchase without leaving Facebook and on your phone during a Live is a game changer.

With small businesses bearing the brunt of COVID, will we see more companies using Facebook Live like QVC?

This is the #NewNormal