I’m fascinated by people who can read music

I’m fascinated by people who can read music. Even though I see the same thing they are, to them, it’s an entirely different language.

But this is true with most things, right?! We, as human beings all have an opinion. We are all reading ‘life’ in an entirely different way to anyone else.

A client recently thanked me for some work LetsRunSocial had done for her. She commented that we ACTUALLY read data. When I asked her what she meant, she told me that everyone can tell you what music looks like, but very few can read it.
She explained that’s why Lets Run Social gets the results we do for her and five of her clients; because it’s not just a slogan on our website, we do read the data.

I started looking around and very quickly found the term “data-led” on several competitor websites.

Nick (Lets Run Social’s Digital Director) and I have been in the data world for 11 years, so maybe we take our approach for granted. We aren’t magicians; we just let our clients’ audiences tell us what works and what doesn’t.

It really is that simple!

I stress two things when prospects call us:

1 – I can’t promise you ANY results.
2 – We are going to TEST, TEST, TEST, TEST, TEST and TEST.

Maybe we are data geeks, but if it gets our clients the ridiculous results they are getting, then hey I’m the geek you need to speak to. Get in touch for a chat.