Why We Love Paid Content (And You Should Too!)

Have you ever heard anyone say “ah – the good, old days” when it comes to marketing? Neither have we. That’s because there’s not much to miss. Marketing has changed quite a bit over the past several years.

20 years ago – blimey, that’s a long time ago now – I started my career in Marketing. Well, kind of marketing! I sold databases for marketing purposes; whereby they bought data to get a marketing email or a letter in front of a prospect.

This is marketing. It will never change, but the ways in which we market will. This is also how social media can interject, and boy, has it impacted big time.

We are in a world where we don’t need to buy an advert in a newspaper anymore – a method that now could cost hundreds, if not thousands, for a single advert. I know, because I have recently seen the enormous bill from a company we know for their print marketing. Check this out. In just 2 weeks, they have spent £157,000 on advertising in print. How many leads did they get?

That’s £20,000 a lead. WOW!

So, with that logic – why wouldn’t you spend £6 to get 1000 views instead. Based on that cost, £1 gets you 166 views. For £157,000 you could get 26,062,000 impressions! If you optimised the ad correctly, which we would; I can tell you now – you would get a lot more than 8 leads!

“But, I haven’t got £157,000”, I hear you ask.

We then take a winning poss based on high engagement and put it into the Facebook paid advertising platform. We would choose our audiences, demographics, etc and show the same post with the same call to action to the paid-for audience. We then create a couple of re-targeting audiences in Facebook based on how long they read the blog for after clicking the ad.

Let’s say it takes 2 minutes to read the posts. Anyone who has been reading for 45 seconds (based on a tracking timer) starts to get re-targeted with more sales ads because they have been nurtured into the brand, shown interest by reading the blog, and then we show them additional marketing from the brand that they’ll be interested in and hopefully win business from.

You could use Organic Marketing to achieve the same result. But Paid is not only quicker but more efficient. This is why we love Paid Social Marketing. You are reaching your audiences, where they are at; you just have to pay to reach them immediately.

There are so many options and strategies that we use for our clients. If you would like to try a strategy like this, then talk to us today. We would love to have a chat about how we can optimise your social media for better results. Contact us here: https://www.letsrunsocial.com/contact-us/

But before you do, don’t just take our word for it – go here and check out what our clients think of us.