This Week’s Top Stories in the world of Social Media

It seems every week is an exciting one for social media, especially right now with social media usage up exponentially given the pandemic lockdown!

Facebook announces… Shops

The biggest news in the world of social media this week is the announcement by Facebook that they are going to start rolling out a native facebook shop!

In true Facebook fashion, the details are yet to be fully disclosed. However, this is big news, as every eCommerce digital marketer knows one of the biggest points of drop-off during the buying journey is the transition from social media ad to the e-commerce store… especially on mobile.

Facebook has announced this is a mobile-first play, which means the days of potential customers hitting the ‘x’ by accident on an instagram product ad, could soon be a thing of the past.

Facebook have already referred to some of the biggest eCommerce platforms in their announcement, so we’ve all got our fingers crossed for a seamless integration!

But big, big news, and we can’t wait to hear more as it becomes available. Click HERE and read more.

TikTok continues to make waves with the highest revenue for any app last month

One of the big winners of the global pandemic has been TikTok with their aggressive user acquisition campaign, it seems every week there has been more TikTok trends, scandals over unmoderated videos or a new viral star… and this week is no different!

TikTok has revealed it generated the highest revenues of any app for the month of April, a huge achievement for a still relatively young platform. The majority of Ad revenue is coming from advertising. This suggests the cheap cost per click currently being enjoyed by the early advertisers may not continue for long!

The latest controversy is that India is the latest country to see calls for the app to be banned amid concerns around its moderation policy. This could be the biggest threat to TikToks trajectory.

Twitter answers the call of its users

Twitter users with follower counts of real significance have experienced a frustrating and sometimes sinister phenomenon, especially in their early days…. Tweet feed bombers… These are the unwanted partakers in a conversation that is already in full flow!

“What that’s the whole point of Twitter” I hear you say… well yes, in the media fuelled celebrity twitter world, it definitely is! However there is a large amount of Twitter users, who are actually like you and I, they tweet to their friends and have relatively bland conversations… Until an unexpected participant arrives and is about as welcome as a bad smell on a first date. 

Twitter has responded to our calls, and we will now be able to stop the haters before they start! A great move to end some of the harassment that is experienced by users on the platform. Click HERE and check out the Twitter Blog.

The world of social media is evolving faster than ever before, and its our job to keep our ears to the ground for the next big evolution so that you don’t have to!

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