Will Paid Content Ever Rule The World?

When you first start out, it’s hard to grow your business using social media.

You’ll have few people to talk to via social, so the relative impact of your content will be low (unless you have a few amazing influencers who are sharing your content and it resonates with a far larger audience – but lets face it, few of us are that lucky).

So funds are tight when you first start out, which I know is an important point… but… it is so cheap to buy your audience, so why wouldn’t you do it?

The way I see it, business’s spend just as much time and money growing organically (researching, writing, creating the perfect posts), that you may as well buy an audience who’s actually going to listen to you.

We have a client who has a large budget.

They have a budget to pay us to be responsible for their organic social, as well as separate budget to pay for revenue targeting paid social campaigns. We schedule daily posts for them… but what’s funny is, on top of that, we pay to get page likes and we then pay to boost the best and most engaging organic posts.

Why, because it’s super cheap, so why wouldn’t you?!

Do I think paid content ever rule the world?

I think that it is already starting too.

There are sooooo many platforms making it super easy, and cheap, to speak to your audience, where they are… And big audiences.

Facebook has 2.4 billion users.

I found 3.3 million mums today just with the interest that I wanted to target.

I could put a 2 minute video talking about (selling) ‘baby’, and it would cost me just 0.02p to get those mums to watch at least 30seconds of the video.

So, why would you not do it!

Facebook recently announced Facebook Shopping.

Facebook has fully jumped into the e-commerce world, by providing a shop feature for businesses to sell their products through stores within Facebook.

Online stores can already do this on their websites, but how far are Facebook going to take this feature? Tabs, Collections, One-Click Purchases… watch this space!

Why do I mention this?

Well, it’s another reason why people will pay for content to be shown. If a store can pay a small amount for a Facebook ad to get new customers to go to their Facebook Store, view content / products, then it makes total sense for that store to spend more money in ads to get more customers.

So if paid content hasn’t already started ruling the world, it will soon!

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