Cocoa Canopy


To gain traction in the competitive market by getting packs of the new Hot Chocolate Bead into the consumers hands to try the product firsthand, driving brand recognition and fostering loyalty.


taster packs delivered to new customers

What Did We Do?

The Free Taster campaign, featuring the headline ‘Get 3 Free Taster packs, just pay delivery’, capitalised on the psychological allure of ‘free’ offerings, bolstering consumer interest and trial rates. Careful planning ensured each order included three free packs, heavily promoted across Facebook and Instagram to create urgency. Targeted ads reached receptive demographics, driving engagement and conversions.

The campaign’s success was evident in increased website purchases and engagement, attributed to the irresistible appeal of ‘free’ products. This not only boosted trial rates but also enhanced brand visibility and consumer familiarity with Cocoa Canopy. Additionally, the strategy proved cost-effective, achieving low acquisition costs and high conversion rates, validating the effectiveness of leveraging consumer psychology in promotions and providing a valuable consumer database for future marketing initiatives.

More Results

The Results

The free Taster Pack campaign was a resounding success, evidenced by a significant uptick in website purchases and engagement. The psychological trigger of receiving something for ‘free’ effectively attracted a large number of consumers, who were willing to pay the delivery charge for the perceived value of the product. This strategy not only increased the trial rate but also elevated brand visibility and consumer familiarity with Cocoa Canopy.

The campaign’s success was further reflected in the cost-effectiveness of the strategy, achieving a low cost per acquisition and high conversion rates, thus confirming the efficacy of leveraging consumer psychology in promotional tactics. This approach has also provided a valuable database of engaged consumers for future marketing initiatives.