Emma's Diary


With approximately 700k women becoming pregnant each year, Emma’s Diary creates one of the largest databases of expecting mothers in the UK by providing sample packs of parent and child products as it’s a perfect way for brands to create long-term commitment with a parent. The challenge LRS accepted was to get 171,260 registrations in 2024 at a cost per registration of less than £1.90.

What Did We Do?

Focusing on Meta and TikTok, we tailored our strategies to match the distinct characteristics and demographics of each platform. Recognising the strong engagement of our target age group with user-generated content, we experimented with various video styles to identify what resonated best with our audience personas. Maintaining a CPA below £1.96 was paramount, requiring continuous content creation to prevent fatigue, as our data revealed a decline in effectiveness every four weeks.

Banner: CPA is stable at an average of £1.84 (replacing CPA across Meta and TikTok is steady at £1.82 for March 2024, some ads are seeing great successes with as low as 72p per registration)

CPA across Meta and TikTok is steady at £1.82, some ads are seeing a CPA as low as 72p per


As of 2024, our CPA stands at an average of £1.84, attained through custom strategies on Meta and TikTok. Our continuous content creation has been instrumental in sustaining engagement, crucial for keeping our CPA low despite audience fatigue every four weeks. To achieve our goal of 170,260 registrations, we assessed our current spend of £353,000. With this expenditure, we anticipate achieving approximately 191,848 registrations, representing an increase in registrations compared to our initial CPA estimate of £1.96.

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